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EDTC 6343 Coursework

Page history last edited by KATE! Binns 11 years, 4 months ago

All of my course work for 6343 will be placed here! I look forward to the upcoming semester!


Work Submitted

MTT Case Study A

Score: 2

Case Study A
1/31/2012 MTT Powerpoint Presentation Concept Map Concept Map
2/5/2012 MTT Test PowerPoint Practice PowerPoint A
2/12/2012 MTT Excel Skills Application A Excel Skills A
2/12/2012 MTT Case Study B  
3/11/2012 MTT PowerPoint Skills Application B PowerPoint B
3/11/2012 MTT Excel Skills Application B Excel Skills B
3/11/2012 MTT Case Study C Case Study C

Grant Course Work Update:


For this class, I have been researching a variety of grant opportunities to benefit my school. As the fifth grade science teacher, I felt that a grant that focused on increasing exposure to science on a TEKS that students traditionally struggle with would be the best bet. After reviewing the 1-5 grade TEKS, I determined that weather was a common subject that every grade level could use. I then began to research a variety of grants. I made a table to help keep track of the different grant opportunities. Ultimately, I have determined that the best grant to focus on is one from the National Weather Association. I am now getting in contact with WeatherBug to understand the different options that they have for their weather centers. The weather center appears to use state of the art technology to monitor and track weather patterns at our school. A central part to our grant application will be the inclusion of the community through an interactive Weather Wiki.

Grant Opportunities
3/25/2012 National Weather Association Grant Application Grant Application
4/1/2012 MTT Excel Skills Application B- take 2 Excel B- version 2
4/1/2012 MTT PowerPoint Skills Application C PowerPoint C
4/1/2012 MTT Excel Skills Application C Excel C

Module 4 Update:

I have been able to make contact with my partner to start planning for our video session. I've provided him with a copy of the questions I will be asking to ensure that he is prepared with a well thought out response. My school librarian has taught me how to utilize the flip camera and I've practiced using it several times. My partner and I have met to discuss the project, but unfortunately we've had to cancel our first planned time. We have set another time to meet this week. I have drafted an email to send to my professors about my concern regarding filming and uploading video of students.

4/22/2012 MTT PowerPoint Skills Application D PowerPoint D
4/22/2012 MTT Excel Skills Application D Excel D
4/22/2012 Case Study D Case Study D

Last Project Part One:




In response to the survey, I determined that the beginning of the professional development would be to provide general information of what is available. This will help teachers at LeNoir begin to identify areas that they'd be interested in learning more about for future professional development.


Last Project Part Two:




In response to peer suggestions the following changes have been made:

  • Formatting has been made consistent throughout the page
  • Addition of videos to break up the text
  • It was suggested that I link the top table of contents to the specific place on the page. I'm looking into how to do that and will make that change as soon I can.



Last Project Part Three:


I submitted my page to four of my colleagues for review.  Some comments that were made:

  • "I didn't know we had all of these resources!"
  • "Can you make individual pages for each of the resources?"
  • "I like the top graphic." 
  • One teacher stated that she liked that the page could be accessible at any time and from anywhere.


In response, I will be adding specific pages for the tools identified and providing links to this page to my co-workers. 


Case Studies-- TAKE TWO!


After feedback, I returned to the previously created case studies to enhance them.

Case Study C Ver 2


Case Study D Ver 2




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