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Tech Savvy

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"They keep telling me to integrate technology into my lesson plans... but what do I do? What technology do I have? How do I maximize each technology?"



Stress no more! LeNoir Elementary has many options! Check them out!



Document Cameras
Digital Cameras
Flip Cameras
  Computer Lab Web 2.0





What is it used for: SMARTboards turn your desktop into an interactive whiteboard. Students can draw on it with specialized markers, use their hands as the mouse, and much more.


Creative Ideas:


Where to get it: All 3rd - 5th grade classrooms should have a SMARTboard either mounted onto the wall or free standing.


Resources for Use:


Document Cameras 


What is it used for: Document Cameras (most commonly ELMOs on this campus) use a camera to project an image of anything under the camera.


Creative Ideas:

  • Revise writing samples as a class.
  • Demonstrate how to take notes
  • Magnify small objects-- great for science class!
  • Use the microscope attachment. 
  • Project books as they are read.
  • Complete graphic organizers and foldables
  • Use it as a camera to project images of students as they present. 


Where to get it: All 3rd-5th grade classrooms should have a Document Camera (ELMO).


Resources for Use:



Digital Cameras 


What is it used for: Taking pictures of the wonderful things occurring in your classroom! The pictures are instantly available and students love taking pictures and seeing their work displayed.


Creative Ideas:

  • Digital scavenger hunts: angles, letters, and more. 
  • Show students part of the community they may not have visited before: city hall, parks, police station, and more.
  • Display science experiments. 
  • Show growth over time-- plants, animals, even your students! 


Where to get it:  They can be checked out from the library.


Resources for Use:



Flip Cameras 


What is it used for: Flip cameras are simple video recorders. They're easy to use and its easy to download your videos for editing.


Creative Ideas:

  • Record your students giving a meteorology report
  • Have students create tutorials on math, reading, science, or social studies.
  • Record science experiments in action to allow students time to analyze them.
  • Record lessons for students out of class
  • Students can create video "bookcasts"


Where to get it: One Flip Camera is available for checkout in our library.


Resources for Use:



Computer Lab


What is it used for: The computer lab offers enough computers to allow each student to work on individual projects. It can be used as a place to teach students how to use specific computer technologies.


Where to get it: Each classroom has a specific time assigned, but there are a free blocks you can sign up for.


Resources for Use:


Web 2.0 

What is it used for: There is a Web 2.0 tool for everything! Web 2.0 tools are online based programs used to create a variety of projects from videos, to presentations, to posters.


Creative Ideas:

  • Create a classroom wiki to share websites, projects, and other communication with students and parents.
  • Create a "facebook" like website through Edmodo for your class
  • Create posters to demonstrate knowledge at Glogster
  • Create "word cloud" images at Wordle
  • Create blogs with your students
  • Have students make presentations using Prezi.


Where to get it: The internet!  


Resources for Use:










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